In Memoriam

This page contains the list of the WNY’ers that have fallen while in the service of their country since 9/11.

If you feel that there is someone that needs to be added to this list or, if you are the family of one of the fallen and you see a change that needs to be made – please email us at 

In keeping with the design of existing memorials at the Naval and Military Park and others throughout the country, the WNY Iraq/Afghanistan Memorial will only contain the names of the fallen.  It will not include their rank or branch of service.

Brian K. Baker
Aram J. Bass
Daniel J. Beard
Tamario D. Burkett
Charles E. Bush Jr.
Charles S. Cooper Jr.
Jonathon M. Cote
Dwane A. Covert Jr.
Terrence K. Crowe
Jason C. Denfrund
Robert V. Derenda
Christopher W. Dill
Jason L. Dunham
David Evans Jr.
Steven C. Ganczewski
Cari Anne Gasiewicz
Lorne E. Henry Jr.
Albert R. Jex
Travis C. Krege
Jeff LeBrun
Howard S. March Jr.
James C. Matteson
Patrick W. May
David M. McKeever
Heath A. McMillin
Eric J. Orlowski
Jacob M. Pfister
David L. Roustum
Benjamin C. Schuster
Daniel J. Shaw
David W. Textor
Michael L. Williams
Mark A. Bradley
Shawn M. Clemens
Heathe N. Craig
Alan N. Dikcis
David M. Hillman
Brett E. Gornewicz
Christopher T. Howick
Timothy L. Johnson
Jason M. Johnston
Aaron M. Kenefick
Michael S. Lammerts
Michael M. McGreevy Jr.
Raymond J Munden
Michael D. Rowe
Timothy G. Serwinowski
Aaron M. Swanson
Peter P. Tycz II
Blake D. Whipple
Kevin W. White
William R. “Billy” Wilson III
Philip L. Witkowski
Frank J. World
Robert A. Bager
Trevor T. Cook
James K. Crawford
Wesley S. Gordon
David Iskiewicz
Austin J. Sampson
Mark A. Spence
Christopher K. Heinz
Nathan Dolson Jr.
John “Jay” Shepherd Jr.
Jenna Lee Sielski Wilcox
Ian Patrick Morgan
Richard D. “Ricky” Jones
Jordan D. Bunker
John J. Colpoys Jr.
Scott Coe
Shaina B. Schmigel
William C. Sager Jr.