Monthly Archives: March 2012

Just a Glimpse of Why

Operation 50 Run is an effort to raise awareness and essential funding to erect a memorial on the Buffalo Waterfront dedicated to all Western New York residents who have served in Iraq & Afghanistan.  The memorial also provides special reverence paid to our local 50 Heroes who lost their lives in service to our country.

You’ll note the image of the memorial is only partial.  As we complete more runs, and gain more funding, we will show more of the memorial.  Bit by bit, the mission will be realized – as will the memorial on these pages.

Over the next nine months veterans and caring citizens will join the effort to run 50 miles in honor of these Heroes and the sacrifices they and their families have endured.

The rucksack pictured weighs 50 pounds and is carried during these runs.

Up-to-date posting about upcoming races will be posted regularly on our Facebook page.